Battery upgrade time

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Battery upgrade time

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Hi All,
I have a chinese electric scooter called a Junyue. I bought it second hand around 4 years ago, and have got a lot of use/joy out of it.
It has 48v12AH lead acid batteries under the foot well, and they are getting tired, so it is time to upgrade to LifePo4.

My question is, the existing setup has 1 computer (c14 I think) connecting the batteries, where as I notice most of the LifePo4 setups have separate charge and discharge connections.Is there likely to be any battery management systems for the lead acid I will need to circumvent or can I just connect the IifePo4 discharge to the existing connection and run a new charging port?

2 The bay the Lead acid batteries are in will fit up to a20ah LifePo4 system. Is a 20Ah system ok or should I go for 1 closer to the existing system (10 or 15Ah)?

I appreciate I am low on technical detail (hub motor size and controller type), but hopefully these scooters ar all similar and you can give me some generalised advice.


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Battery upgrade time

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There are heaps of 48v 10Ah push bike lithium packs out there, most come with their own little plug in chop mode power supply & have charge regulation built in, typical dimensions 150x360x80mm.
They also seem pretty consistent in quality which is more than can be said for a lot of individual cells on the market.
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