All terrain electric vehicle DIY 534 Euro and city version 100 Euro

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All terrain electric vehicle DIY 534 Euro and city version 100 Euro

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Looking for an inexpensive electric vehicle (a kind of scooter ) suitable for all terrain, I decided to build one......I decided to a simple project, easy to replicate for most of people.

The secret formula is : an electric skateboard + the front of a kick scooter = inexpensive electric vehicle on 3 wheels (534 euro )

With this formula you can try to combine diferent models of electric skateboards and front of kick scooters.

1. All terrain version 534 euro

Lets see some results and some tests :

Skateboard's front wheels were removed (SYL 08 ) and replaced with the front of a kick scooter (Razor A 5 air ) resulting an excellent off-road scooter. Don't worry it is a simple project ! Results : An off road scooter with a large platform , stable, powerful, fast, folding and affordable ( comparing with an off-road scooter with the same power )

1450 W × 2 brushless electric motors
10 Ah 36 V battery
38 km/h max. speed
Instantaneous Power: 1800W

2. City version 100 euro

With the same formula 350 w single hub electric skateboard + front of a kick scooter :

electric motor : 350 W brushless single hub
battery : 4400 mAh 24 V

I am thinking to attach a small platform with flexible solar panels, t will not look good but it will be eficient.


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