AC motors with matching controllers

AC, DC, amps, volts and kilowatt. It's all discussed in here
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AC motors with matching controllers

Post by aegidius »

Anyone tried to get one of these?

They look kinda nice.
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AC motors with matching controllers

Post by Richo »

EV works already "had" some of them.
Not too sure if anyone locally actually put one in.

The AC-20 would barely do a micro car.
The AC-35 for a small hatchback.
It's interesting that some of the V/F ratio's don't match between controller changes.
And some of the specs are for the highest voltage and don't match the low voltage graph.

The prices have come down a bit.
Pitty the dollar is down too.
So the short answer is NO but the long answer is YES.
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AC motors with matching controllers

Post by johna »

Has anybody on here used the Motenergy ME1114 that Ev power has for sale in there builds.The price is not to bad, or are they just for bikes.
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AC motors with matching controllers

Post by jonescg »

I've mainly seen them in bikes and go-karts. If you did use then in a car, it would want to be a very small one, and you would want a pair of them.
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AC motors with matching controllers

Post by Monkeytom »

Has anybody here used an AC-50 in a VW? I am looking to using one in a Karmann Ghia Thanks Tom
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