A nice BLDC motor

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A nice BLDC motor

Post by aegidius »

This small BLDC/PMSM motor powers an electric plane. It can take off from the ground! Specs are impressive: similar size/shape to an Agni, 11kg, 30kW continuous claimed.

http://www.enstroj.si/Electric-products ... otors.html

No idea on price from the makers. A forum on http://www.diyelectriccar.com/forums/sh ... 42342.html mentions a 900 euro price but does not say where they saw it.
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A nice BLDC motor

Post by scotto »

I contacted the company and got a bunch of information back on the EMRAX motor. Single price for the 30kW continuous / 50kW peak air cooled motor (2000/3000 RPM at 200/300V DC) = 2,990 Euro + 400 Euro shipping to oz in single unit quantities (down to 2,190 euro in 11+ bulk).

Water cooled model is 100 euro more, and you can get a motor prolonger (190 euro) and an opposite flange (90 euro) to join two motors in series.

They recommend using a Piktronic SAC41 AC drive controller (http://www.piktronik.com/index.php?opti ... 63&lang=en) and sent a bunch of graphs and tables documenting torque and thermal characteristics etc (OT: is there any way to post these kind of docs in this forum?)

I think water cooling might be a requirement though (the 25m/sec airflow required for air cooling seems like a lot?). With 21 C water flow and mechanical motor power of 25 kW the copper windings stabilise at 86 C. When power is increased to 30 kW, the temp reaches 120C. The controller limits temp to 100 C which is 27kW mechanical power.

All up it seems like a nice little motor - only 225mm diameter and 86mm deep. Quite light too weighing only 11.6kg. Two in series with the adaptor kit makes it only 222mm long - quite an interesting option for 50-60kw continuous power in a small package!
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A nice BLDC motor

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Louis Palmer and the Solartaxi make an appearance near the end of the "Take off Ferlach Austria" video.
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