Golden Motor - any experience?

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Golden Motor - any experience?

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I just checked back with kelly and they have updated their product list since I last spoke with them.
I can only assume that they were incorrectly quoting their controller specifications as they have now changed the specification considerably.

Sinewave controllers are not that difficult tho they do incur a higher production cost, but there are plenty of VV VF drives on the market if you know where to look.

I understand the mechanics of using harmonics to modify the square wave to create a "modified sine wave" of sorts, but outside of model aircrafts and pushbikes the cost saving is negligable.

The HPM-10K is suppose to utilise an encoder for phase timing. Atleast this is what I was Informed some time ago.

Back emf controllers considerably lack the starting torque required in an Electric car and the ones I have seen do not have a great efficiency which frankly is the only reason anyone would look at a PM setup.

In theory the losses might seem the same, but when you look at whats available on the market you generally wind up with BLDC motor/controller operating at 85%EFF and PMAC motor/controller operating at 90%eff, It may be that PMAC systems are available in larger setups and this could account for the differences in Efficiency.
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