Another Hello from Tas

Fo those who are not local to a branch, or looking at starting one
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Another Hello from Tas

Post by DKEL »

Hello All.
Another keen novice here new to the forums and new to the whole world of EVs.
Based in Launceston Tas.
After doing much reading I am convinced EVs are the future. And its going to be sooner rather than later. Not quite sure about how and where the electricity is going to be produced but time will tell.
I am very impressed with the talents, inventiveness, problem solving and willingness to have a go observed in the contributors to the forum.
For myself, I think taking on a conversion from scratch would be a bit too much for me. But something that has caught my eye of late has been potential 'kits' being produced that will help a person such as myself convert a particular model of car. I think these are a great idea. Even better if one already owns or can get cheaply a matching donor car.

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Another Hello from Tas

Post by Rattrap »

Hi Dkel, welcome mate. good to finally see another taswegean on the forums.
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Another Hello from Tas

Post by carnut1100 »

Yeah, good to see another Tasmanian!
You all seem to be up north I the only Hobart based member?
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Another Hello from Tas

Post by Carv'n Marv'n »

I'm in Hobart... Kingston actually.

...getting close to having my first build on the road...

got to get the word out - reckon we could get a fair group going given the current climate.... maybe start a Tas branch of the association.

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