SOLD U68 MiniCab, 10kw Setec DCFC still available

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SOLD U68 MiniCab, 10kw Setec DCFC still available

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Minicab sold, Setec still available

Asking $16,500 for the Minicab and $3,500 for the 10kw Setec DCFC

This Minicab is one of the handful of red ones originally intended to go to the Japanese Post Office but which ended up in Australia. Current photos attached and original ones sent from Japan will be available to interested parties when I locate them (can't be uploaded because of the six photo limit). These vehicles were modified slightly by Mitsubishi for the Japanese Post Office, all are 16kw battery poverty pack versions (no plastic chrome grille or colour-coded mirrors), two seaters with removable load barrier behind the seats (visible in one of the photos), bars on the rear windows, an additional LED light in the cargo area, netting to stop letters falling out the side doors, a flare in a bracket beside the left front door and removal of ashtray / cigarette lighter. Airconditioning, power steering and heated seats are the only creature comforts. Seems management were paranoid about drivers not smoking as there is a plate riveted over where the ashtray used to be and a plastic blanking plug in place of the cigarette lighter. Cabling appears unmolested. Originally they were painted white but that was changed to red everywhere with the exception of inside the front doors (go figure !) . U68s came with the updated battery technology which reportedly means much longer traction battery life. A Canadian YouTube story claims a 2014 iMiEV with the same later battery has original range remaining even after the car has travelled 100,000 miles / 160,000 kilometers and I understand there are comparable reports from the UK .The later battery was never fitted to Australian delivered iMiEVs as they were discontinued well before 2014.The red MiniCabs had a wooden tray in the rear but most if not all of those were removed at the wharves because of a stink bug issue. As with all U68s, the EVSE is a 200vac one rather than the 110vac version provided with U67s. Apparently the 110vac EVSE can be modified to suit 240v but all that is required with the U68 200v versions is changing the weird japanese 200v plug for a 15 amp 240v Australian plug. This one has been perfectly fine for nearly three years. FWIW, I have a brand new japanese 200vac power socket (they are relatively rare even in japan and bloody difficult to source from Australia) and the original 200vac plug if anyone is obsessed with absolute originality. The U68 EVSEs need a 15 amp supply, so the solution is to get a Volt 8 amp EVSE which comes with a common or garden variety 10 amp plug (supplied with this vehicle).

I understand all the red ones were late 2017 models however there are no compliance plates fitted to grey imports, consequently interested parties should do their own due diligence. This one had fifteen kilometers on the clock and apparently had been registered in Japan for one week. (Original registration stickers are still attached but don't give any information regarding dates). It was complianced / registered in Queensland May 2018. Currently it has 25,000 odd kilometers. Everything is original except for the front tyres that were replaced recently after the originals scrubbed out due to a combination of under-inflation and the zillions of bends around here (its comparable to the Jenolan Caves Road or Gillies Highway south of Cairns), and the 12v battery that apparently reached its use-by date.

The 10kw Setec has done stuff-all work after having been tested by the sparkie who fitted the plugs (they come with bare / labelled input cables) It was specially configured from the factory with both single phase and three phase inputs (separate cables that plug into the same socket). Output is chademo, although I believe the factory can supply a type 2 mennekes output cable on request. I see no point in keeping the Setec as my MG eZS has 7kw AC charger and there would be little to be gained with the 10kw Setec.

In addition to the car and the Setec, I have a goodly collection of adaptors (including the Volt EVSE) to suit most situations including Tesla destination chargers. Depending on expressions of interest, I'll either sell the car, Setec and adaptors in one lot, or alternatively separately.

Everything is at Springbrook (Gold Coast hinterland). Inspection is fine most times although weekdays are generally better than weekends.

Contact me initially on mobile 0488531824
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