Leaf at Pickles auctions: 7 bars left

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Leaf at Pickles auctions: 7 bars left

Post by Bryce »

Hi all/anyone looking at the Leaf for sale via Pickles in Darwin: https://www.pickles.com.au/cars/item/se ... -result?q=(And.ProductType.Vehicles._.(C.Make.Nissan._.Model.LEAF.))

FYI: it only has 7 (of the original 12) capacity bars left. That is usually the trigger for a new battery.

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Re: Leaf at Pickles auctions: 7 bars left

Post by EmpowerRepower »

The new battery would only be paid for by Nissan if it is within its five-year warranty, otherwise it is $9000 + labour.
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Re: Leaf at Pickles auctions: 7 bars left

Post by adam lippiatt »

I have tried to find out the cost of a replacement leaf battery (in thinking about the value of getting a second hand model as a city car). But I haven’t found anywhere that actually provides a certified quote. I have seen wide cost ranges though.

Is this $9000 plus labour something that has been quoted do you know?

I see we are getting a small wave of Japanese leafs coming in that look to be okay value. But I like to run a car for a long time and it would be good to know what a battery would cost if you had to replace it at some point.

Not sure what would happen in relation to the later 30kwh batteries that were never sold new here.
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Re: Leaf at Pickles auctions: 7 bars left

Post by coulomb »

adam lippiatt wrote: Mon, 24 Jun 2019, 10:51 the cost of a replacement leaf battery
There is also the time factor. It seems to take weeks to get a warranty replacement battery approved, then months to get it actually replaced, during which time you have no electric drive. It seems they trailer the cars to Melbourne, take out the battery packs, ship them one at a time overseas, get the cells replaced, ship them back, then reinstall the battery in Melbourne and trailer the car back to the customer's city. Liz, please correct me if I got the story wrong. All this because we don't have the technology in Australia to replace cells? :roll:

Maybe once Nissan's new digs are established in Melbourne, we can at least avoid the shipping overseas part. Maybe the shipping delays include waiting for enough ICE part orders to fill a container, so it should be a lot faster.

In the far future, they might have electric car trailers...

Or maybe in the far future, EVs will be so mainstream that every capital city and some larger regional centres will have the know-how to replace cells, and can do the job in a couple of days instead of several months. Perhaps I'm a dreamer.

Edit: and, maybe by then (dreaming a bit harder), we'll be value adding to our aluminium and copper mining, and actually making the cells in Australia as well. Using imported machines , probably, but that's OK.

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Re: Leaf at Pickles auctions: 7 bars left

Post by jonescg »

If a Leaf battery can be replaced for $9000 including GST and labour it's a pretty good deal. Even using prismatic NMC you're looking at about $12,000 in cells and easily a few thousand in labour.
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