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SOLD - 2016 Fonzarelli S1 - Perth WA

Posted: Sun, 24 Feb 2019, 10:35
by emoto

I've decided to (reluctantly) sell my 2016 Fonzarelli, simply because I'm not using it enough (new job, not as easy to park and charge at work, public transport is often easier).

Purchased in 2016 as a FZ model, in 2017 I paid Fonzarelli to have the hub motor upgraded to the S1 motor and the S1 battery (3.3kWh - quoted range 100km) in the same chassis as I wanted a bit more speed and range. Since then have been happy with the speed and range - can go 80-85kmh and with the upgraded motor cruises up hills etc with no effort. At the time they also had to replace the speedo as part of the upgrade, I had about 2,500kms on the clock at the time, since the upgrade I've done 3,000kms. So the chassis has done 5,000+ and the new motor and battery only 3,000kms. Had a service completed last year and there was nothing to do, tyres still great, same for brakes.

Rego is until 28 November 2019 (you'll love rego time, $124 for 12 months!)

I have both the fast and slow chargers, internal USB charger port for your phone, plus an extra set of mirrors (chrome model). To get a new one today, on the road delivered to WA with the extras you'd be up for $8k+

In terms of performance, the Fonz is a superior scooter to any petrol version on the road, off the line you leave everyone for dust, easy to ride, nil to no fuel cost, hardly any maintenance and low cost insurance. You can have it registered as a moped if you choose (needs Fonzarelli input) and it would be restricted to 50km/h and usable on a car licence. Charge from any standard 10A powerpoint, charge at work, the battery is removable (but very heavy) if you need. Super cheap and reliable transport option, green if you charge from your solar. Fonzarelli may also offer you a trade in for future models/may be able to upgrade the parts again for more performance.

Item: 2016 Fonzarelli (S1 drivetrain, FZ body) Matte Black colour
Location: East Victoria Park, Perth WA
Item Condition: Used, good condition - kept under a cover when not in use, never dropped. Has a few scuff marks on the body.
Reason for selling: Needs an owner who'll use it more!
Price: $5,300
Payment Method: Cash/EFT
Extra Info:
S1 specs
Chargers (both models included)
Pictures: Gumtree link here ... 1211049777 (would much prefer an AEVA member to purchase).

Get in touch if you want to have a look, I can also bring it to Electrikhana.

Re: FS - 2016 Fonzarelli S1 - Perth WA

Posted: Sun, 10 Mar 2019, 08:15
by emoto
Buy me!

Re: FS - 2016 Fonzarelli S1 - Perth WA

Posted: Sun, 10 Mar 2019, 08:51
by jonescg
Matt - there was a young lady at Electrikhana yesterday who might be very interested in your scooter. Libby Cramer - I think she's a candidate for the upcoming Federal Election actually.
I'll try and put you in touch.

Re: FS - 2016 Fonzarelli S1 - Perth WA

Posted: Sun, 10 Mar 2019, 13:39
by emoto
Ok brilliant, thanks Chris!

Re: FS - 2016 Fonzarelli S1 - Perth WA

Posted: Sat, 16 Mar 2019, 11:42
by emoto

Re: SOLD - 2016 Fonzarelli S1 - Perth WA

Posted: Sat, 20 Apr 2019, 12:27
by jonescg
Nice. Hope they love it.

I actually spotted a black Fonz parked on the side of Welshpool Road East, half way up the hill :/ Was gone the next day. Hopefully by the person who owned it...