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FS Suzuki Carry

Posted: Mon, 10 Dec 2018, 19:46
by poprock
For Sale or Expression of Interest
Item:SK410 1989 Suki Carry Hi Roof
Location:Hunter Valley
Item Condition: fair
Reason for selling: surplus
Price: EOI
Payment Method: paypal
Extra Info: NSW NCOP engineer certification and Electrical HAZV . Rego until 20/12. Has passed yearly inspection 21/11 and only needs rego paid. Modification report on rego papers is No. 1200241600288MP 10/11/2016.9Athol Mullen, engineer, and Peter Mc,Neill, electrician.
Pictures: on the way.
Hi, I would like to move onto my next project, A Subaru Sherpa, which means the Carry is surplus. This will be it's third year on the road. It was originally John Pel's, of Darwin RAAF base in 2009. ( can be seen on EV album JON PELS CARRY VAN. The striping is still underneath the black tape.) It sat for some years on a farm near Tamworth subjected to weather and general bumps and tears. It now has a 7" forklift pump motor using the original 5 speed. A Gast vacuum pump is used, and a caravan hair dryer type demister. The original motor mounting frame is used, which had a 10" regen motor , which I still have. Quality of work , mine and others is generally poor,and a lot of minor panel work is needed. It originally was 120vFLA with battery boxes underneath. The main redeeming features are HAZV approval and current NSW rego. The controller is a Chinese 1205 Curtis, which I am trying to adjust the throttle settings on correctly. The battery pack is old and will at least allow a short test drive whilst registered. So the van should be viewed as a blank canvas, to be upgraded while still driveable. Remember that pics (when they come) always look better than real life :)

Re: FS Suzuki Carry

Posted: Tue, 25 Dec 2018, 06:25
by poprock
Now on gumtree under suzuki carry

Re: FS Suzuki Carry

Posted: Mon, 31 Dec 2018, 13:31
by poprock