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Kia Rio 2004 5-door hatch manual + battery frames

Posted: Sun, 17 Apr 2016, 16:59
by gmacd33
I'm selling the black Kia Rio 5-door hatchback that I converted to an EV and drove for a couple of years. As such all petrol parts have been removed, including the clutch and flywheel. Manual gearbox remains - ready to fit another electric motor. I've removed and sold all the electric drive parts, so just the car and battery boxes remain.

Pre-fitted with welded & painted battery frames/boxes/mountings to hold 45 of 100Ah CALB cells or 90Ah Winston Cells; includes lids of welded steel and acrylic sheet. Batteries are split between 25 cells under the rear seats where the petrol tank was, and 20 in the engine bay above the motor and gearbox.

$500 ono
Will need to collect from Eight Mile Plains, Queensland - or pay towing costs to your location (Probably about $100 within Brisbane, not sure costs for further)

Any questions please text me on 043 848 0011.