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For Sale Seat Ibiza

Posted: Sun, 13 Sep 2015, 15:11
Seat Ibiza 1995 Unregistered, No Battery Cells
Motor:       Super Zebo Series Wound
Controller: Kelly KDC 120vdc 600amp
Charger:     Wicom 120vdc 10amp
BMS:        Wicom
DC/DC Conv: IOTA 55amp
General Parts: Water cooler controller heat sink, Dual vac pumps, Astra power steering, Emergency disconnect.

The vehicle has previously been registered in Qld and has the blue modification plate fitted. Can be re-registered in Qld (and possibly other states which recognise the Qld mods)with 120vdc nom battery and demister installed. (I had 38 Real Force RFE100ah LiFePO4 cells)

Vehicle is in good condition, registered as a 4 seater. Vehicle locater in Cairns North Queensland. Will seperate components from vehicle to sell as one component lot.