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For Sale - Alltrax SPM Controller & 6kW DC motor

Posted: Thu, 04 Sep 2014, 01:31
by Coulomb Racing

Due to a change in EV challenge vehicle drivetrain and low sponsorship, I am selling;

1. An Alltrax 24 - 48 V, 400A DC motor controller.
I believe it is one of the only ones in Australia as I ordered it direct.
Highly programmable (will supply USB 2 programming cable) and pretty light at 2.7 kg.
For more information, check out; RRP: ~$700 + shipping from US

2. A Motenergy ME0708 48 V DC motor, 6-12 kW.
Hasn't been used in 2 years, has a custom shaft at the moment with a sprocket on the end.
Scratched on one side of casing but no damage to terminals or actual armatures etc. More information at; ... tor-6-12kw
RRP: $517

Location: South of river Perth, can deliver.

Item Condition:Controller has a little bit of red paint overspray on underneath, motor has afore mentioned gouge/scratch.

Price:$475 for SPM controller and $150 for motor or $600 altogether.

Payment Method: Can accept paypal, cash, cheque or BPAY.

Extra Info: Perfect for an ATV, small eMoto or gokart.

Pictures: will try post pictures soon.

For Sale - Alltrax SPM Controller & 6kW DC motor

Posted: Mon, 08 Sep 2014, 22:15
by Coulomb Racing