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*READ FIRST* For Sale Rules & Guidelines

Posted: Wed, 09 Jul 2008, 22:55
by Andrew
Guidelines for For Sale/Wanted.

The following guidelines are in place to keep things as simple and enjoyable as possible for everyone.

1. Please provide accurate details and as much of it as possible.
2. Please provide some sort of contact details for buyers
3. If possible, please provide a photo of the actual item. This is strongly encouraged.
4. Products must be legit and legal
5. Very important: This forums is STRICTLY for PRIVATE advertisements ONLY. Under no circumstances will we allow professional companies or businesses to trade. However, Corporate Members of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) are permitted to sell. If you wish to advertise externally then contact us to arrange sponsorship.

When posting in the For Sale section you must use the format below.

For Sale or Expression of Interest
Prefix thread title with FS or EOI
Item Condition:
Reason for selling:
Payment Method:
Extra Info:

Wanted To Buy
Prefix thread title with WTB
Item Condition:
Reason for purchase:
Price range:
Payment Method:
Pickup Method:
Extra Info:

Simple Copy & Paste that into your post and then fill in the details.

Please follow these simple rules.
1. No Derogratory posts, directed at either the seller or their product.
2. No chit-chat.
3. Every seller has the right to sell their product without hassle and at the price they are asking - it is up to the seller to adjust their price.
4. No Ill-natured bids. If you bid and win then it is your responsibility to pay up.
5. If you cannot post something in proper English, then please, don't bother. It's quite simple.
6. First time posters in this section will be deleted. This is not a free place for spammers. The purpose of this section is for AEVA Members.

AEVA is not responsible for any losses and by selling/buying on this forum you do so at your own risk.

Under no circumstances will we accept trouble makers. Please abide by the simple rules in place. Failure to comply with these rules will result in your posts being deleted and a temporary or permanent ban of your account.

Please remember that AEVA is a non-profit organisation.

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Andrew (AEVA webmaster)