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SEAT IBIZA For Sale $6000.00

Posted: Sat, 20 Oct 2012, 13:20
1995 Seat Ibiza (VW Polo)Engineered and registered in Queensland with RWC. Specs:
Motor:      Series wound Super Zebo 10"
Controller: Kelly KDC 600AMP with water cooled heatsink
Batterys:   LiFePO4 RFE100 38 x 3.2vdc nom. 100ah (+ one spare cell)
Charger:    TC TTCH-H161-10 (elcon)
BMS:        Wicom EMS
DC-DC:      IOTA 55amp
Brakes:     Dual vac pumps, low vac warning
Steering:   Electric Power Steering

Drives well up to 80kph, after this power consumption is fierce. At city driving <60kph 80km range is possible. (12kwh pack)

The vehicle has a couple of issues. One is the battery charger appears to have the wrong configuration for the battery voltage, that is at full charge the charger should stop charging at 138volts it stops charging at 126volts. I am not getting a full charge.

The second issue is the BMS, although it appears that the cell balancing is working and low voltage alarms activate. The LCD screen has a fault and doesn't display the cell voltages, amp usage and temps.
Both issues could be linked to the BMS as the BMS controls the charger.
I am out of my depth here and unable to resolve the problem.

I am asking $6000.00 for this vehicle, with 6 months rego (Qld) I have spent in excess of $14,000 plus 120+ hours building at this stage.

I am unable to post pictures at this time. I can e-mail if interested or view a posting in "Members Machines" page 2 under "SEAT IBIZA"


SEAT IBIZA For Sale $6000.00

Posted: Sun, 21 Oct 2012, 04:30
by BigMouse
Sounds like a great starter project. Good luck with the sale.