Project Voltvo

Post up a thread for your EV. Progress pics, description and assorted alliteration
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Project Voltvo

Post by carnut1100 » Fri, 27 Feb 2009, 22:37

This might be a very long project, but for some time now I have wanted to convert a Volvo 240 wagon to electric.
I am quite a fan of the 240 series, I drive a 242 GT as a daily driver and my parents drive a 245.

I am shortly about to get a couple of spares cars, both wagons and one is going to be used in another project, turning a 164E sedan into a station wagon ( which was done on prototypes, but never produced) by unpicking the welds at the firewall and simply grafting the wagon shell on the back, but the other is a reasonably tidy 265 which has had the V6 motor and autobox removed and sold, but the owner thought the car was too good to wreck.
It has all the toys, power windows and mirrors and leather interior etc but no running gear...

Initial plans were to fit a 5 cylinder turbocharged engine from a Volvo 850 but the alternative idea of an EV conversion is taking hold...

It will need to have a range of 100km or better, and will neeed to be able to drive on rural highways at 100kmh, or even 110 if possible.
A top speed of 120 would be perfect.

Accelleration of around 15 seconds to 100 kmh would be pretty much the minimum, as it would have to dice with traffic on an arterial feeder to the city.

A range of 100km at 100kmh would be beautiful and give a bit of a safety margin.

My route to work involves some decent hills and twisty roads, I go down one big hill into a valley and then up and over another to reach the highway into the city. This is the shortest route and the most fun!
Alternatively I can go down the hill and around the second hill, mostly flat but longer distance and higher average speed.
Or, I can go up the hill from my house and climb even higher, then drop down the other side to the highway but that is a longer slower way.

Where I live gets snow in winter and I live on a gravel road, so converting to AWD with some form of traction control is very high on the wish list.
It uses a Mac Strut front, so some struts from a FWD car and some custom driveshafts with a spare diff cut down and mounted inthe engine bay with two motors would give AWD.
A torque bias to the rear would be desireable to keep a RWD feel though.

I would like to go direct drive if at all possible.

I would use a split battery pack, under the load floor in the back, and in the engine bay.

Option one is to get Lead acid and DC, but I am dubious about the range and performance being attainable...

Option two is to run LIthiums and DC, should be able to get teh range then and performance, but with the hills I drive, regen would be bloody handy!

Option three and preferred is to go for AC...with industrial motors it might be affordable...

The bare car before conversion and stripped of ICE should be around the 1200-1300kg mark, and fuel consumption of a 4 cylinder model is around 11-13 l/100km ( I have got 10.5 in my GT and I have recorded 14 towing a trailer) so an average of 12l/100 is probably a good starting point.

Going by the rule of thumb in the FAQ section, I should need around 25 kWh for a 100km range...

I'm going to have a lot of questions to ask about this project, right now itis in very preliminary design phase...and the cost may mean it takes several years to finish...but I gotta start somewhere.

Going with DC and SLA, is there a snowball's in hell of getting the range and perfomance I need?

What sort of bare minimum would AC and Lithium cost to get that sort of performance?...

Just from a bit of light reading around here, would twin Warp 9s or equivalent do the job? Even that is pretty pricey...
They would run through a diff, ratios available from 3.31:1 down to 4.1:1 although 3.91:1 is easier to get than 4.1...

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