Toyota Corolla Conversion

Post up a thread for your EV. Progress pics, description and assorted alliteration
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Toyota Corolla Conversion

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I found that the hex crimper supplied by the AEVA were not crimping enough. I ended up using the 35mm Sq jaws for 50mm sq cable. Much better.
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Toyota Corolla Conversion

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lachlanmac wrote: Discovered that the hex hydraulic crimpers dont really work well enough and have finally found the source of an annoying "miss" sometimes going up hill.

It sems that the brushes have been arcing a bit at higher currents - above say 260Volt. This may be have been caused by my most recent engine fix which included new brushes or may be a design fault with the ADC X motor at 144Volts.


Unfortunately it one seems to come in 120Volt flavours. The 9" motor is 144Volt but too much for my needs.

Hi Lachlan,

I have also found with the crimpers that using the next size down works best (so you aren't alone there :) )

I have heard a few times the X-91 motors arc at higher voltage and current.
interesting that you already wore through a set of brushes.
is your comm pitted?

If the 9" fits, I highly recommend putting one in (it will be more efficient).

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Toyota Corolla Conversion

Post by lachlanmac »

Whoops typos late at night. I meant 260 amp. The voltage is nominally 144.

Thanks for the comments. I have been slowly recrimping ends as I notice they are getting loose.

I thought that loose crimps might be causing the hiccups even though I would have expected arcs and burnt ends. Im sort of glad to find that the hiccups have been caused by brush arcing, even though it seems to have damaged the motor.

I think the brush braids have been arcing to the motor body. There isnt a huge gap between the braids and the body. I maybe foolishly thought that the motor designers knew what they were doing.


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Toyota Corolla Conversion

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You might need to adjust your brush timing.

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