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evkartalex - My ev-Go-Kart project

Posted: Thu, 16 Oct 2008, 05:16
by evkartalex
UPDATE! Frame purchased!

Hi all

new to the world !

just dropping a line here to get started.
im from perth, western australia 28 years young,
play with performance cars, have a 150HP daihatsu charade turbo, VP of the daihatsu club of WA

work with forklifts in my own business, play round with crazy projects.

anyway, idea is to build from a normalish size go-kart frame, with go-kart size slicks, chain drive 2 x 5.25hp or posibly i may try one 5.5 to start with to get things moooovin!

motors - 2 x 36V 5.25hp ea forklift PM DC. rated 60Mins full load - may run these at higher voltage? benefits? torque? (i know the life would be shortened) ideas people? extra cooling?

batteries - 6 x 6V 3 cell per 220AH Deep Cycle Golf cart / Small fork
will be mounted in groups of 12v (2) in rear and sides of kart in aluminum boxes. terminals all protected by hard plastic covers

Wiring - 500A welding cable, separate ground from chassis. main contactors disconnect batteries into 2 groups.

Controller - (a fat one perhaps lol) thinking about the kelly unit that ian sells. 36v 400a capabilty, apparently with regen aswel. must investigate becaues i would love to be able to regen brake and save batt time. (5.5hp of retard force, does that work like that?)

Frame - CRG 28MM Senior race chassis with 40MM axle.

Cost so far:-

Batts $900 (ex old forklift, but still cost me that !)
Motors - Ex old fork. uhh free!!!
Frame - $700
Controler - Not yet - Kelly 48400
Wiring etc - So far about $200 in terminals,parts,etc

anyway enough ranting.

if i can sucessfully pull this off, im gonna be building a daihatsu Mira commuter car. - wish me luck!@




Motor 1


Frame 1

Disc Brake :-

Brake 1

evkartalex - My ev-Go-Kart project

Posted: Thu, 16 Oct 2008, 07:04
by Richo
If you run the motors at a higher voltage then the maximum RPM will increase.
Could be useful for the long straights Image

I think Regen on a PM DC motor will be linear torque vs rpm.
So max regen will be only at high speeds and minimal at low speeds.

Sounds like you have everything else covered.
Don't forget the fuses Image
And the pot boxes for the pedals.

Sounds like fun Image

evkartalex - My ev-Go-Kart project

Posted: Thu, 16 Oct 2008, 17:37
by antiscab
regarding regen,
a boost converter will be needed to do regen, as the terminal voltage of the motor will always be lower than that of the battery pack (unless you somehow spin the motor faster than no load speed at full pac voltage)
regen from a perm magnet motor can be achieved a full peak torque, as long as the voltage at the motor is high enough for the boost converter to draw peak amps.

out of curiosity, what forklift are those motors out of?
PM motors in forklifts are rare as hens teeth.


evkartalex - My ev-Go-Kart project

Posted: Thu, 16 Oct 2008, 18:02
by evkartalex
motors are ex 1973-1979 Coventry Climax reach truck

they run either as a single for reach, tilt, and sideshift, and together for lifting operations.

(these are the hydro motors, not the drive motors) the drive motors are in gearboxes and are series wound

evkartalex - My ev-Go-Kart project

Posted: Fri, 17 Oct 2008, 04:09
by antiscab
ah of course, motors for the hydraulics ususally r PM (due to their easy to implement speed control).


evkartalex - My ev-Go-Kart project

Posted: Tue, 21 Oct 2008, 17:35
by evkartalex
found a frame.. negotiating for it.

brand new CRG race kart frame

evkartalex - My ev-Go-Kart project

Posted: Tue, 04 Nov 2008, 17:28
by evkartalex


evkartalex - My ev-Go-Kart project

Posted: Sat, 13 Jun 2009, 16:02
by Magneto

Can you please advise me how to get in contact with the Daihatsu Club WA.


evkartalex - My ev-Go-Kart project

Posted: Wed, 19 Aug 2009, 05:40
by jas_SuperMaloo
how u doin mate..
i was wondering where you got your frame from im making a go kart soon and im in need of a frame.
(rolling or near complete)
either used or new