Damon’s Fiat 500e project

Post up a thread for your EV. Progress pics, description and assorted alliteration
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Re: Damon’s Fiat 500e project

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Great to hear Damon. It was an epic conversion, not sure I'd have the confidence to tackle it, but after seeing your step by step conversion .... maybe I'd consider it or a similar transplant from a salvage vehicle for a retro build up. If everything moves from one vehicle to the other, theoretically it should drive like the vehicle it came from and just look different outside.
I'd still love to do a Prius transplant into a retro upgrade with the added expansion PHEV battery but with a lot more capacity. Eventually someone will come up with a method of doing away with the petrol motor completely or modifying the operation to allow faster than 85km/h on electric only.

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