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Bluefangs Electric Motorbike

Posted: Sun, 11 Aug 2013, 20:17
by Bluefang
Hey guys and girls,   I have been building a Electric motorbike for abit now, had all the parts originally and built it up in under 5 days but due to skimping hard core on the controllers i managed to blow them up so then that started a progression of 2 months worth of waiting for parts and waiting for approval to register and an approved engineer to inspect as originally the plan was to not register it and just flat track it, that did not work out so its now going to be registered, and probably sold straight after so i can build another better one Image

The bike started out as a Cheap and nasty Chinese bike called a Kinlon, worst idea ever to start with a donor bike worth nothing as its was i have had to spend alot extra on getting it to look like something worth while. Dry weight of the stock bike is 125kg with 11hp.

On to the fun parts. The Motor is a Japanese designed 13" scooter hub motor with a nasty twist. Its 2 motors in one as it has 2 separate 3phase groups and 2 sets of hall sensors. Has super thin laminations so its efficiency is toted at around 94%. I have vented the casing and added internal blades to increase cooling allowing higher peaks and more constant power. Top speed will be ~120km/h For a commuter bike its more then enough.

The controllers are modified greentime controllers with a shunt mod and resistor mod for some extra power and also 2 levels of regen up to the 20S lipo(84Vmax) i am running. Each will do peaks of about 15kw hopefully and constant of atleast half that. All controlled by a CA V3 limiting everything to 20kw untill i am sure it wont have a problem at 30kw, the motor has a 10k thermister installed for CA to control the power vs heat.

The batteries are 2 types of Lipo. The pack built onto the bike is 2.5kwh of 25C rated RC Lipo. With the commuter pack on the bike its total weight comes to 100kg. I also have 2 packs for long range that can be added to the bike that i am building atm. They are large capacity lipo cells at 43AH each and 1kg with a 10C peak 5C constant. They will never have to provide the peak rating as the RC batteries will do that but at 159wh/kg they are not too bad and were cheapish. I will know more after i have actually used them for a while. Each 20S43ah pack will weight around 22-23kg. So at 150kg the bike will hopefully have a rather nice range of around 150km.

I have fractured afew bones in my wrist so i am playing a waiting game, its a see if i heal first or get the bike registered first. The guy on the bike is a friend i conned into testing the bike up and down the street to make sure the bike runs smoothly. Engineer approval is in process but atm they have asked my approved engineer to submit a proper engineering report and that includes a full brake test. Anyone know what a full brake test includes as my engineer seems to indicate that its expensive. Have to wait for a paper copy of the requests as i only have this info due to calling Queensland transport to find out what was going on with my application.


FYI, anyone want to play on a Electric motorbike on the gold coast let me know, i am more then happy to let people have ago with one condition you have to tell me your thoughts on what could be done better. :)

Bluefangs Electric Motorbike

Posted: Mon, 12 Aug 2013, 02:51
by jonescg
That's a huge mass of copper in there. Are those slots for cooling? Might want to watch out for water ingress.

I know exactly how you feel when it comes to building your first e-moto and then realising you could do it so much better. So we go and build another one for twice the price...

Bluefangs Electric Motorbike

Posted: Mon, 12 Aug 2013, 03:03
by Bluefang
The slots are for cooling, not worried about water ingress as anything that will get into the motor will be rain/spray moving very very quickly moving in and then out and all the connections are smeered in the black coating so its pretty much water proof unless you dunked the whole thing in a pool. Super large puddles should not prove a problem either, i think have a video somewhere of a similarly coated hub motor spinning under water with a ton of holes in the side covers :)

2x as expensive i hope not :) But definatly will start with a "good" bike, double the voltage and mid mount the motor. Should be able to do 50kw peaks then. Will probably actually cost the same as this current bike ended up costing me in all the extra bits and pieces.

Bluefangs Electric Motorbike

Posted: Thu, 21 Nov 2013, 03:42
by Bluefang
Well its finally registered, took many months to get it legal but it is now approved, registered, plated and insured. Took almost 2 months of getting dicked around by my first approved engineer, 2 weeks for the new approved engineer to submit his items properly, 2 weeks for it to be conditionally approved, 2 weeks for the vehicle standards test station to have a slot for me, 20min for the guy to approve it, 10min for a safety certificate, 1hr of fast talking to inform Queensland Transport registration office that i was a electric conversion and finally over a week just to find someone to insure it.   :mrgreen: Now that its all done i think i can do it much faster next time :twisted:

I have no video of it but some stats are its using 2kwh at 50km/h and about 7kwh at 80km/h. On the 20min run to work with very flat road been beach front it barely made it to 60 degrees celcius. 20min run to the GFs after work with a ton of hills and stop starts but speeds of around 60-70km/h it reached 95 degrees and heat soaked up to 105 before dropping pretty fast. On the way home traveling at 80km/h while riding at 80km/h it was sitting on ~80 then when i slowed down it crept up to 90 and after i stopped it heat soaked up to 95 and then dropped. First day ridding and i had to work for most of it.

The bike now has its long range pack added to it so its probably weighing in at 150kg, i weigh 85kg, 90+ with all the safety gear. Its running 20s106AH, 20ah been hk lipo and 86AH been large format batteries i am going to be using on my motorbike builds etc. Most of the weight is very low down so its a great bike to ride, not that i have much experience on motorbikes as technically this is the first day i have legally ridden the bike. Anyone want to buy it :) i wana move on to my next build already lol


Bluefangs Electric Motorbike

Posted: Thu, 05 Dec 2013, 01:09
by Bluefang
The bike is running well atm, finally changed the hall connections around so it was running even better then before......and now i have found out one of the controllers was still not setup properly and was running sensor less forcing the other one to do all the work. So one of the 2 decided to die :)

But that is ok as i have already ordered new controllers before due to the current controllers been a slow throttle setup and also having a very stepy throttle changes. So hopefully in 5 days i get the new controllers and then this bike will be pretty much all good for sale so i can build a better one :) Batteries are working great and staying well balanced, some other minor adjustments and its now using 10% less power mainly due to the hub/rear wheel managing to shift slightly to be not perfectly straight. So atm it is capable of 100km/h constant running. :)

Seriously thinking about putting cafe style handle bars on it and a small bikini type fairing to see if that lowers the power used at 100km/h abit.