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Kia Pregio - Thomas

Posted: Sun, 02 Oct 2011, 07:30
by Thomas
Removing the Diesel
Adapter plate

Removing the Diesel


The cardboard box has the diameter of the AC55 motor on each side. It needs to sit all the way down onto the chassis crosspiece, otherwise there's no space for the inverter on top.

Adapter plate

I am blessed with friendly engineers. One suggests a mass-produced chain joint ($50) instead of a custom hub to connect to the existing gearbox, and go clutchless.

The other says get a solenoid-actuated overdrive unit, ditch the gearbox and push the motor almost up to the diff with the overdrive unit in between. That seems to be all benefits, including plenty of engine bay space.

I can't find anyone nearby who makes high-torque overdrive units. May just have to go with the simplest conversion until I get a feel for the car.

That means doing the adapter plate in steel to save 15mm of engine bay space, and putting a pinion onto the flywheel to run A/C and steering.

Kia Pregio - Thomas

Posted: Sun, 02 Oct 2011, 12:38

Overdrives & under drives website. ... ochure.htm

Kia Pregio - Thomas

Posted: Sun, 02 Oct 2011, 13:03
by 7circle
Thanks KDRYAN for link to

Kia Pregio - Thomas

Posted: Sun, 02 Oct 2011, 23:22
by Thomas
Thanks KDRyan. Ranger underdrive is at 17%.

The diff ratio is currently 3.7 if my sums are right. That would mean I need a 60% underdrive to have 1500rpm at 20kmh if I ditch the 5 speed gearbox, and fit it: motor > overdrive > driveshaft > diff? Tyre circumference is 2.06m.

Kia Pregio - Thomas

Posted: Mon, 03 Oct 2011, 00:05
by Thomas
Bearing in mind that where I live there are lots of potholes and the legal limit is 90km/h. ... stance.php

Says I'll need 15kw to do 90km/h, my desired max speed. According to the power/rpm curve the motor makes 39kw at 3000rpm. If I use a 10% reduction gear I'd need about 3000rpm to do 90km/h.

That gives 166wh/km for cruising.


Peak kw on the motor is 59kw.

The nominal speed of the motor is 2000rpm at 312V (which is also nominal pack voltage).

15kw/312V = 48amp draw. I'm using 100amp Hipower cells.

The diesel motor had 62kw@4150 and 175nm@2400. Top speed 142km/h.

Kia Pregio - Thomas

Posted: Wed, 05 Oct 2011, 20:01
by Thomas
Going to keep the gearbox and clutch - I don't trust the synchros on the Kia gearbox.

Overdrive units don't have enough of a spread in the ratios to give me decent take-off. I need 1:2 for a first gear and 1:1.4 for a second. That'll take me up to 71km/h at 3000rpm.

Adapter plate to be made out of steel and have two slots in it so we can drive the accessories off a chain. How to gear the chain so the accessories can use it at 2000 rpm is the question.

Decided not to go with a pinion on the flywheel because I'm told it would be too noisy. Chain should be quieter and not require maintenance, ie pulling the adapter apart.

Kia Pregio - Thomas

Posted: Fri, 18 Nov 2011, 03:48
by jamie85063
Hi how is the progress going on the Pregio? i am interested in this conversion as i have a Pregio to.

Cheers Jamie