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1912 Baker Electric battery replacement

Posted: Fri, 24 Dec 2010, 16:10
by rmlane
If you don't care about weight or self-discharge, Ni-Fe cells are great. I wasn't aware they were still being made. They'd be great for backup power.

While the cell chemistry of the Chinese cells listed above is the same as the cell chemistry of the original Edison Ni-Fe batteries, nothing else is the same. They look completely different, they're individual cells instead of batteries, etc, etc.

Since Ni-Fe wouldn't look right, and it costs more than Lithium, and it has massively lower performance for an EV.... I'll go with LFP cells.

Last time I looked LFP wasn't an available chemistry and other Lithium cells are too risky for my taste in a car like the Baker, so I'd discounted an upgrade from lead-acid. I'm not willing to risk a battery fire in a car where large chunks of the framework is wood. Great to know that the tech keeps improving.
Johny wrote: Glad you're still intact enough to take care of that Baker...
I'm not fond of roll-overs - been in one too many (none where I was driving).

That wasn't me that rolled the A-7 (and I didn't post the link).