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Toyota Tercel EV conversion

Posted: Sat, 27 Jun 2009, 22:54
by Ribbit
Hi I am looking at this as a donor car. Simply as I require a 5 seater car and its a light to medium car.

Its also 4 WD - which may be a problem - but I quite like the idea.

I was thinking of DC motor Netgain, but I have been watching your videos and the Curtis controller makes an incredible noise. I think running at 144 V. Are there any qiueter controllers at this voltage?

I will definetly need to use Lithium - thundersky batteries.

I see no mention of regenerative braking , my DC Reva has this when I apply brakes. The AC version has this when you take the foot off the accelerator. Surely it would make sense to build this into the conversion.

Any help gratefully accepted.


Toyota Tercel EV conversion

Posted: Sun, 28 Jun 2009, 03:49
by Simon
The Curtis controllers do make a "whine" but only at very low throttle. As soon as you are driving at more than 5kph or so its gone or if you accelerate a little more you dont hear it at all. Oh and I can just hear it sometimes going down a hill and applying really light throttle.
I think all the other brands of controllers are pretty quiet though.
You wont be able to have Regen easily with the Netgain motor. Goombi has some sepex dc motor/controllers but probably a bit underpowered for the Tercel.

Toyota Tercel EV conversion

Posted: Fri, 03 Jul 2009, 04:11
by lachlanmac
My experience with the Curtis is the same. After the initial whine all you hear is road noise. I have found the whine good as it is the only sign that things are happening when you put touch the accelerator in neutral.

Toyota Tercel EV conversion

Posted: Sat, 01 Aug 2009, 19:27
by Martin
Hello Ribbit,

I picked up a Tercel for a conversion, until I realised it's limited GVM etc...
The batteries were going to fit in the back of the wagon area, but that wasn't as good as centering all that weight between the front and rear axles.

I wasn't worried about the looks of the Tercel at first, but realising that it looks like the rear section was an afterthought, it starts to get a bit wearing after a while.

The gearing was interesting with the six speed gearbox, but really, most EV theorists would rather do away with gears anyway.

Did you end up taking on the Tercel?