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Re: Francisco's Electric Pajero

Post by coulomb »

So many pipes. It's great that the battery will be liquid cooled, but it seems to me that there will be hundreds of potential places where coolant could leak out. Ask Chris Jones about leaking battery modules.

Will the coolant be distilled water based, or some other relatively low conducting liquid?
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Re: Francisco's Electric Pajero

Post by francisco.shi »

Leaks are a concern. The joints at the end of the pipes have two orings. I am also (seriously) considering potting the ends of the pipes and the manifold.
I will probably be using glycol coolant.
What I am planning to do is to test the battery without coolant and make sure everything functions correctly before potting the ends. I could also use a soft potting compound that can be removed in case I need to do repairs.
I guess it is difficult to get good compactness and serviceability. I think the new Tesla modules are also potted but even if they weren't you couldn't easily replace some dead cells.
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