Transport Help Reqd

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Transport Help Reqd

Post by YellaTerra » Tue, 25 Oct 2016, 06:52

Hi everybody, I recently "emigrated" from Vic to TAS and after a little mixup about where I could & couldn't take a Budget rental truck my partially converted "YellaTerra" (1982 Suzuki Hatch) is stranded in Vic.
Is it possible anybody is coming (or returning) this way (Vic to Tas) on the ferry with an empty trailer? My little pride n joy is in my sons driveway in Coburg & I live in Riverside on the outskirts of Launceston.
The YellaTerra has been stripped of all I.C.E. components, engine compartment totally empty, interior also stripped except that I bolted the seats back in to make it easier to move around. Original kerb weight 580Kg, I'm guessing currently about 350Kg. Steering, main brakes and handbrake all operational and there's a set of loading ramps at my sons place.

I'm a pensioner but would expect to help out by paying some of the ferry costs and at least something towards the fuel costs...

Oh, and I have a Nissan Exa should anybody be interested in it as, say a donor vehicle. Interior still in perfect nick, cherry red paint fading and a couple of minor dings. Low mileage for it's age, only thing wrong mechanically with the ICE stuff is some of the small water pipes need replacing. Vic RWC obtained last year for me to drive it over. Was planning to convert it myself, later but not going to happen!

That's it,
Mike Turland


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