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Western Australia

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I read often about apparently good moves in various ways regarding the environment and in particular from a transport point of view with regard to the great state of Western Australia.

In reading all this ev-related activity, I sometimes think "what about us?" Why is everything seeming to be happening in Western Australia. So I was reading an ABC NEWS item (not broadsheet opinion, entertainment or coersion) and it made me impose upon you good people yet again.

http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-09-05/c ... ns/6752514

In Queensland, we have road tunnels (shut down twice a year and costing $500 000 each time just for maintenance - correct me if I'm wrong) that were installed by some resident who has since rapidly departed. These are under-used, it seems to me, to the point of unprofitability, and if I am anything to go by, they are under-used because that resident ignored feedback from the general population and put on his engineering hat. Yes, maybe in the later future, they will become indispensible, but only if we fail to change the way we've always done things with respect to too many vehicles on our roads.

On the surface, it seems that Western Australia is doing well but could do much better   :)
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Western Australia

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The Freight link is deeply unpopular over here. The Freo port is pretty much at capacity, so shunting more containers into it won't make it more efficient or shift goods faster. They really need to build another port near Kwinana.

Remember that WA is the most conservative state in the country, with only three non conservative electorates out of 15. And Tony loves roads - $1.6 million per kilometre roads especially.

So I think WA is doing well in spite of the challenges Image I still think there are too many cars, and making them all electric only solves part of the problem (which is good). But having lots of transport options is important too. If we had higher density living arrangements within a 20 km radius of town, we wouldn't need half the road infrastructure we currently fund. Riding a bike 10 minutes to work would be great. Or an e-bike for 20 min for those further out.
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