Introduction/newbie questions

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Introduction/newbie questions

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Richo wrote:
Adverse Effects wrote:oww i was just posting them as links to "a item list" not buy it

It is a good find regardless of terms.
There wouldn't be many places selling UQM motors+controllers.
Too true. Back when I was researching my conversion (2008) I contacted UQM and actually got a reply. The price was over $20,000 US and they didn't sell to converters anyway. I gave up on them.

Even though it's expensive, I think the EVTV price for the UQM motor and controller is pretty good. Support may be an issue though (also shipping would add a couple of hundred $).
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Introduction/newbie questions

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WayneG wrote:The UQM motor and 100 CALB cells are just a bit out of my budget.

Yeah I don't think they are in most peoples budget.
But that's the beauty of forums it'll get suggested anyway!

Alternatives would also be the Brusa 50kW motors. ($12k Image)

WayneG wrote: Initially I thought a 5 sec 0-100 would be real easy to achieve with such a light vehicle, along with a tiny 50km range...
Well it sort of is - 11" motor + Zilla - it depends on weather it falls into your budget.
WayneG wrote: Does 2nd hand stuff come up for sale often? Does anyone buy stuff from the states directly? Shipping would be expensive I imagine.

2nd hand stuff - Not often.
Purchasing direct from O/S - Yes.
I bought my ABB motor direct from the US.
It worked out cheaper than getting locally.

There were some 2nd hand Siemens motors+controllers that got into Aus.
Something like THIS
Note it's a 90kg motor Image

Could be worth looking around who got those.
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