Tasmanian Energy Strategy

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Tasmanian Energy Strategy

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Rob Valentine MLC recently raised some questions in the Tasmanian Government Upper House. He has provided the questions and answers here:Valentine-Electric_Vehicles.pdf

A snippit:
The Government wrote:As at 22 May 2015, there were 426 vehicles recorded in the Motor Registry System (MRS) as registered in Tasmania with the primary power source recorded as plug-in electric. This includes 118 registered cars and 3 registered motorcycles, with the remaining 305 vehicles conditionally registered. The conditionally registered vehicles are 45 all-terrain vehicles
(ATV) 148 fork lifts, 99 golf carts and 13 other service vehicles. Currently only the primary power source of a vehicle is recorded within the MRS. As such, plug-in hybrids would be recorded under their primary power source.
To put this in context, the total number of all types of vehicle registrations in Tasmania as at 22 May 2015 is 571,978.
Tasmanian population is roughly 495,000.
From the above figures it would appear that electric cars & bikes are about 0.02% of all registered vehicles.

The answer goes on to talk about the Government's Energy Strategy. I don't keep up with the news much so this was new to me. I looked it up and found it here: http://www.stategrowth.tas.gov.au/energy/strategy
I guess this is the type of thing that the Tas AEVA should make submissions to - pity we weren't around at the start of the year!
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