Hello from a new user!

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Hello from a new user!

Post by Chuq »

Hi everyone,

I'm a new forum member from Hobart, Tasmania. Although have had a lengthy, although very casual, interest in EVs, I've never been much of a car nut at all!

Back when the Prius first came out I was dead set on getting one! Of course the cost at the time was a bit much, the other issue was that we got our vehicle servicing done by my mechanic father-in-law, and given that he was retiring soon he had no intentions of learning the way of hybrid/electric vehicles!

Fast forward a few years and I hear about what Better Place started doing... I was a vocal advocate and very keen on getting a car through them when they became available in Australia. Even to the point of meeting with our state government's climate change office to discuss if they would actively support their deployment in Tassie. Despite their awesome technology, we know how that ended :(

The iMiEV and LEAF piqued my interest for a bit, but again - the price was too much for what they did.

It's recently been my wife who's been suggesting we get a Prius V. I knew how much 7-seater's cost and imagined what the "hybrid extra" cost would be. And of course I was locked onto a "full electric" at this stage. I looked into it and have no idea how they sell that car for $35k!

Anyway, it looks like the Prius V might be the next car we get. But of course I've been eyeing off Tesla's progress, especially the Model 3.. safe to say we may not be EV owners yet but I think our current ICE vehicles may be our last!
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Hello from a new user!

Post by EV2Go »

Welcome Chuq, we all have our various paths to EV ownership, some just take longer than others (I'm still waiting to finish mine).
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