Presenting the Turbo Encabulator

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Presenting the Turbo Encabulator

Post by bga »

How could I have missed this important transmission announcement??

the Turbo Encabulator video

A better version:
a better Turbo Encabulator video
(expanded description)

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Presenting the Turbo Encabulator

Post by a4x4kiwi »

I will take 2!
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Presenting the Turbo Encabulator

Post by acmotor »

Well, not everyone would realise.

I guess Julia bought one when Rio Tinto showed that presentation to her when negotiating the MRRT !
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Presenting the Turbo Encabulator

Post by Adverse Effects »

i think someone posted thes a few months ago

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Presenting the Turbo Encabulator

Post by coulomb »

Adverse Effects wrote: i think someone posted this a few months ago

Indeed, it's everywhere. You can even get the T-shirt.

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Presenting the Turbo Encabulator

Post by Canberra32 »

Wow..... That's the best one of whatever that was I have ever seen!

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