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Holden Volt NSW $65,000

Posted: Thu, 18 Oct 2012, 21:52
by marty11
Just called Commonwealth Motors Canberra about the Volt,, They have one in for 1 day today doing dealer training.

When I asked availability, the salesman was less than enthusiastic.

He said $65000 including on road costs for NSW .

He mentioned only 3 coming into the country now for sale, and only 500 per year , from next year, spread over 49 dealerships.

Asked him about leasing finance, and he also wasnt that keen, just mentioned he would transfer me to their leasing department.

So it seems although the USA is keen to shift Volts, with sharp discounting and keen lease deals, Holden Australia cant really be bothered.. its like   " we are only bringing in a few, so pay hefty or dont bother" Wonder if General motors USA are just not fussed with Australia because of population.

So that is a whopping $44000 more than a base Cruze , at $20990 drive away price.

I was keen about the range extended Volt, but now feel its better to wait and see what happens.. I feel the Australian pricing of the GM Volt is a bit over the top.

US discounts are mentioned in this press release about Chev Volt in the US ... /?page=all

If there was a stamp duty exemption in NSW , and a Gov subsidy to encourage, maybe a sticker price of   $45-50000 in Australia might shift a few.

But at $65000 , conversions arent going to slow for a while :)

Any thoughts..

Holden Volt NSW $65,000

Posted: Fri, 19 Oct 2012, 01:25
by Simon
I actually thought the Holden Volt was going to be priced around $80,000!Image So $65000 including onroads is bit better but still a lot of money!
According to this article, Houston, We have a problem some Chevy dealers try their hardest not to sell the Volt.

It's hard to get enthusiastic about the commercial EV's in Australia when you see the generous incentives in the US and cheap 2 and 3 year leases that amount to little more than what you would pay in fuel for an ICE!
Recently Nissan Australia had a 1% finance deal, of course it didn't include the Leaf!   Image

Meanwhile conversions are cheaper than ever to do with much more choice in components than just a couple of years ago. Products like the NetGain PulsaR are an exciting development, a combined fast charger, dc-dc converter and motor controller.

Holden Volt NSW $65,000

Posted: Fri, 19 Oct 2012, 02:21
by marty11
Thanks Simon,

yes that link you posted above , when I read the article, was similar to what I experienced on the phone today, even though the dealership was experiencing their first Holden Volt visit today as well.. so I thought the salesman would be a little keener.

The receptionist that took my call wasmore helpful, then she put me through to the Salesman.

If i had bought one, I would prefer the receptionist get the commission!