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First Post Newbie, Pimpama Queensland

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Hello Everyone,
Thought I should make my first post an introduction.

My Name is Anthony, and I live Halfway between Gold Coast and Brisbane,in Pimpama, near Ormeau train station.
I would enjoy meeting some EV enthusiasts and learning as much as I can, I am sure I could trade Conveniently placed Electricity, Coffe or Tea for such Wisdom. hehe

I am keen to learn more about EVs so I can Convert one of my cars to make a cool commuter, I currently drive a VY Commodore to work in Eight mile plains, about 40 klms then 40 klms home each day. What a waste.
I still need the Commodore for towing my car trailer etc but I am happy to leave it at home and take an EV to work.
I have several cars to choose from as possible EV converions,
A 63 ragtop beetle,
A 64 Splitscreen Panelvan Volkswagen,
A 72 RX3 Mazda sedan,
A 57 Chevrolet
or perhaps I would buy a small mazda ute etc and use that.
I am quite Mechanically minded and capable, as I build/ restore my own cars doing pretty much all of it myself, and currently work as a cnc machinist, which proves to be useful when it comes to making special bits.
Having spent over a decade working in the film industry creating visual effects/ special effects/ Models and Props I have an interesting knowledge base for making stuff and a basic sort of electronics knowledge mostly for making gadgets etc.

The Car shown in my Avatar is the Delanda GT Demon, a prototype supercar that I was involved in building a few years ago, unfortunately only 7 were made or part made, and only one is registered as far as I know. It would make an awesome electric car, you could fit a lot of batteries into such a wide vehicle. Who knows, one day perhaps I might get the chance.

Anyhow, feel free to say hello, and if you need a charge between Gold Coast and Brisbane, give me a call, 0411637286 .
Looking forward to meeting new people.
Cheers, Anthony Voevodin.
I am OHMward bound.

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First Post Newbie, Pimpama Queensland

Post by Andrew »

Welcome to the club mate.

ps: thread moved to the lounge.

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First Post Newbie, Pimpama Queensland

Post by antiscab »

strange, i could have sworn there was a whole heap of replies to this.

in any case, welcome to the forum Anthony (if a few weeks late :( )

you pretty much pay for an EV by the kg. smaller is cheaper.

sounds like you need an EV with 80km range (ideally you would charge at work, but 80km for that day when the power is out and they send you home)

be aware with older donor vehicles that you are likely to spend as much for restoration as for the actual conversion. Of course, some of the older vehicles do make for a very nice conversion YMMV.

Do you already own the 4 cars you posted?
which particular 57 chev are we talking about? (i assume they made more than one model in 57? i actually dont know the answer to this one)

2017 Renault zoe - 25'000km
2007 vectrix - 156'000km
1998 prius - needs Batt
1999 Prius - needs batt
2000 prius - has 200 x headway 38120 cells

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