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EV Run to Canberra AGM 2009

Posted: Tue, 29 Sep 2009, 20:44
by coulomb
woody wrote: Picnic (at the Festival)

Perhaps an AEVA members and family picnic on the day before the festival (Saturday 3rd Oct). We could even make an attempt at not talking shop... oh, wait, what am I saying?   Image

At the grounds themselves if there is a spot? Just turn up around midday and see who's there?

I'd be glad to meet your wives and child, Woody!

Edit: perhaps wear name tags with our AEVA avatar names?

EV Run to Canberra AGM 2009

Posted: Tue, 29 Sep 2009, 20:45
by Peter C in Canberra
woody wrote:
Peter C in Canberra wrote: PS Woody, do you really have four wives but only one child?
Anybody know any family-friendly ideas for Canberra ? So far I've got:
Questacon (300m from EV Festival)
Cycling around the Lake (500m from EV Festival)
Picnic (at the Festival)

-Questacon is certainly good.
-Floriade is on the other side of the lake and has kids activities and the spectacle of thousands of brightly coloured reproductive organs swaying in the breeze (maybe that's not so family-appropriate)
-Depending on the ages of the kids, they might like the National Gallery which has a kids display area. Kids often like the surreal stuff and sculpture.
-The National museum has a kids area and other stuff of general interest.
-War memorial has a large museum section with military hardware if they like that sort of thing.
-A short detour away from the lake is a good market (crafts, food etc) (Kingston 'bus depot' markets)
-next to that is a glass blowing place in the original Canberra powerhouse. Refurbished and you can watch glass blowers at work.
-Old and new parliament house

All of these are cycling distance around the lake.

-a view from the top of Mt. Ainslie or Black Mountain (not easy cycling for kids!)

EV Run to Canberra AGM 2009

Posted: Wed, 30 Sep 2009, 18:09
by pdhsolar
As I am currently in the middle of builing an EV (ready to purchase the motor and controller this week!), I was really keen to go to the Canberra EV Festival to check out the cars and parts suppliers.

However, there are no direct flights from Adelaide and the 4 hour flights via melb or sydney are very expensive. Does anyone else think that it would have been better to have it in Melbourne or Sydney where the flights are more frequent and cheaper......?

I wont be going now as its a 13 hour drive each way or $600 to fly in and out the same day. I would have paid $350 to fly, but $600 could go towards my Zilla controller!!!

EV Run to Canberra AGM 2009

Posted: Wed, 30 Sep 2009, 18:17
by evric
It's sad you can't attend.
Unfortunately the flights get more expensive as the day comes closer. I booked a couple of months ago and the costs were under half of what they are now.
As I understand it the AGM/EV Festival will propably be held in a different state each year.
I'm hoping to take heaps of video and photos for our website.
I have to catch up with you to see your conversion in progress; maybe after this busy weekend.
Eric R (Adelaide)

EV Run to Canberra AGM 2009

Posted: Wed, 30 Sep 2009, 18:29
by coulomb
pdhsolar wrote: I wont be going now as its a 13 hour drive each way or $600 to fly in and out the same day.

It's over 16 hours from Brisbane, according to Google maps (vs 14.5 from Adelaide). Weber and I will share driving (on the way down) in a stock Prius.

Alas, Weber has rat-race obligations on Monday, and so needs to fly back. Canberra to Brisbane (one way) at short notice was a surprisingly reasonable $280.

So I'll take a loong time to drive back.

Is there perhaps a fellow Adelaidean you could share driving with?

Canberra's position as the centre of government was a compromise to be "close enough" to both Sydney and Melbourne. So that gives it the best possible chance of getting people to drive their EVs from a capital city. From that point of view, I think that the location choice was good.

Edit: misspelled Adelaidean (why didn't my spelling checker find that one? Image )

EV Run to Canberra AGM 2009

Posted: Wed, 30 Sep 2009, 19:39
by woody
Could you fly to Melb or sydney and bum a ride with EVers going from there?

EV Run to Canberra AGM 2009

Posted: Thu, 01 Oct 2009, 19:55
by pdhsolar
Hi Guys, I have decided that this is going to be an event that is too good to miss. Especially since I need as much info as possible and I personally want to support events like this, as a serious EV enthusiast.

I have decided to drive to Canberra for the event. If our MX5 friend from Brisbane can do it, then I need to pick up my game and get myself to Canberra this weekend!!!

Eric, there's not much to see at the moment, just a Gti with nothing in the engine bay ans the engine on the floor. You are most welcome to come over once I start the build stage! - I am very keen to see you're already converted car!

EV Run to Canberra AGM 2009

Posted: Thu, 01 Oct 2009, 21:38
by evric
Good on you Paul - see you there.

EV Run to Canberra AGM 2009

Posted: Tue, 06 Oct 2009, 23:25
by evric
AEVA Inuagural "EV Festival" Canberra 4th October 2009.
I have uploaded 3 YouTube videos. View them on the AEVA (Adelaide) site...

AEVA Adelaide website

EV Run to Canberra AGM 2009

Posted: Wed, 07 Oct 2009, 00:44
by antiscab

Congrats on the ACT branch for organising such a great event.

Also, congrats to David Sharpe, who was the only one to drive to the event electrons only (first one ever?).


EV Run to Canberra AGM 2009

Posted: Thu, 08 Oct 2009, 02:43
by djsharpe
Just to advise all. I returned to Melb about 7PM tonight, having spent Monday in ACT at the War Memorial. No petrol was used. Longest leg without a charge was from Holbrooke to Wangaratta about 136 ks. Still plenty left but volts dipped below 130V @ 200A battery current. So safe range is about 140ks in normal driving. For me this is about 75ks per hour. South of Yass there was a B -double on its side near a bend so there are some worries that a trucky will get you if you go slow. So gentlemen EV travel can be done. Hope more interest to drive electrically for next year at Adelaide. Full report later. David

EV Run to Canberra AGM 2009

Posted: Thu, 08 Oct 2009, 04:15
by woody
Congrats David, awesome trip.
For those planning ahead - Adelaide is:
2700km from Perth
2000km from Brisbane
1400km from Sydney
1200km from Canberra
725km from Melbourne (only 50 more than Canberra)

The Brisbane/Sydney/Canberra routes converge at Hay, NSW about 625km from Adelaide.
We should at least be able to drive from there in a couple of days.

A lesser plan would be to drive about 5 cars from sydney with a car trailer - 4 on the trailer charging with one driving at any one time - would be a fun road trip.

EV Run to Canberra AGM 2009

Posted: Fri, 09 Oct 2009, 03:57
by acmotor
David, just pondering on your EV trip Melbourne to Canberra .... well done ! You have my respect.
I look forward to you full report.
woody, can't you cut and paste to get that 2700km number down a bit ?
Its easy for the Brizy guys, all down hill on the map (at least going to Adelaide !) Image I guess 'flat' would best describe the trip from my direction.

EV Run to Canberra AGM 2009

Posted: Fri, 09 Oct 2009, 08:38
by antiscab
the return trip would suck a bit for the Brizy guys, though at least theyd already have had an oppurtunity to scout for charging points.


EV Run to Canberra AGM 2009

Posted: Sat, 10 Oct 2009, 18:40
by djsharpe
Electric Car Trip Melbourne to ACT & Return

I recently completed a 1452 km return trip from Melbourne to Canberra. Nothing unusual about that except it was done without using a drop of petroleum fuel. The object of the exercise was to demonstrate that long distance transport could be done using a battery electric vehicle charged at appropriate intervals. I was also attending the AGM of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association and Display Day in Canberra.
The Vehicle
This was a Daihatsu Charade converted to battery electric. It has a 144V combination lead acid & lithium iron phosphate battery 22kW traction motor & two on- board battery chargers able to charge at 6kW. A 3kW backup petrol generator was fitted but never used. It was intended to enable battery charging if conditions required it.
The up trip went via Epping Rd & the Hume Freeway to Wangaratta and then to Walbundrie via Howlong and The Rock (overnight) Cootamundra & Yass (overnight) and then to ACT. The down trip via Yass (overnight) and the Hume to Wangaratta (o’night) and home. Charging was aimed at towns every 100kms but the longest run was from Holbrook to Wangaratta 136kms. The driving style was to travel about 75-80 kph on freeways and a little less on minor roads.
My charging time could vary from 3 hours to 4 hours. If long distance travels is ever to be encouraged I would ask that three phase power with 20Amp outlets be provided and also for 15A or 20A single phase GPOs for those with smaller charging facilities. This would provide up to 9kW of power that would provide a recharge in less than 2 hours after 100kms of driving. If you were to pay retail prices for electricity say 20 cents per kWhr & 20kWhrs is needed to travel 100kms, the cost would be $4. This is I observe is nearly the cost of running a Prius for 100ks (4.5 litres/100ks @ $1.20 per litre = $5.40. However we are in an economic down turn at present)    Some variation in cost is possible. Off peak electricity for overnight is cheaper. Caravan Parks for power would be ideal as these already have 15A GPOs for caravans. It would be good if electricity could be bought with a credit card insert.
Advice for those wanting to do a similar trip
Your car should do at least 100ks per charge. Take high capacity chargers or you will wait all day to charge. Charge to about 95% full before going. Full charge overnight.Access any current limiting trim pots so you can avoid tripping local circuit breakers. Offer more than the cost of the electricity. Finally bring a backup generator.
I would like to thank the following in order of visit (those whom I visited twice are mentioned once):
Highlands Caravan Park Seymour; Chris & Dorothy B of Benalla; Frank R at Wangaratta; Walbundrie Hotel, King’s Own Hotel Motel, The Rock; Cootamundra High School; Highway Motel ,Yass ; Belconnen Premier Inn ; Frank & Murray L Holbrook; Wangaratta North Family Motel; Seymour Technical High School.
David Sharpe
PS I may submit this to RACV/NRMA mags. Comments before sending?

EV Run to Canberra AGM 2009

Posted: Sun, 11 Oct 2009, 17:49
by acmotor

Still mention that this is leading edge use of an EV even though components are quite standard and been available for some time.

I wouldn't want motoring journalists thinking that these ranges or speeds are in any way limits for EVs. i.e point out the bright future and that you are demonstrating the possibilities with established technologies.