New requirement - Engineering Certification

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New requirement - Engineering Certification

Post by drowe67 »

While getting my inspection done today the gentlemen at Regency handed me a copy of the latest requirements for electric drive conversions. It is called "Conversion to Electric Drive" and is very similar to the earlier Information Bulletin 74 , just typeset differently in three columns.

One new addition is Engineering Certification:

"A converted vehicle must be certified as continuing to comply with all the applicable ADRs. <snip> This certification must be done by a suitably experienced Chartered Professional Engineer."

I think this brings SA into line with the other states but may add some extra expense. Anyone have any idea how much such a checkout by a CPE costs interstate?

As posted earlier I need to get a CPE to check out my braking system.....but fortunately that's all as I obtained my statement of requirements in the IB74 days.


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New requirement - Engineering Certification

Post by ev1 »


Full engineers report and certification is around $1000.....

I went to Tonkin consulting in Adelaide, they weren't fantastic but did the job of checking my car over...i wonder if any one else can recommend a good engineer in SA.????

Good luck next time....

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New requirement - Engineering Certification

Post by tdean »

That's the same document that was posted out to me from the Vehicle Standards Office, Kateena Street, Regency Park.

There's a PDF available from the Department of Transport's website listed in that document.

Here is the direct link to a list of Chartered Professional Engineers: ... ineers.pdf

This is what the first two paragraphs say about professional engineers:

"This list does not imply any guarantee by either the Government of South Australia or its agent, DTEI, regarding the quality of service, the fee charged for the service or any acceptance of the contents of any report submitted.

Reports from other engineers must be accompanied by evidence of their qualifications and relevant experience before those reports will be considered."

Looks like you can use other qualified engineers.
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New requirement - Engineering Certification

Post by Tim »

tdean wrote: Looks like you can use other qualified engineers.

You can, but it is pretty much a case of only those that are on the list are suitably qualified and experienced with light vehicles.

Most other engineers would not have any experience with navigating the Australian Design Rules, or an understanding of where what applies, and how it all fits with the Vehicle Standards Rules, etc. I would recommend sticking to the list.

Also, some of the engineers are more experienced in some areas of modification than others... so it pays to ask a few questions.

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New requirement - Engineering Certification

Post by Goombi »

A short cut---Many good Auto mechanical shops do have authority to do A.D.R. Numbers Affected the read like 3/03-4/03- etc. the main Modification Code is LAI & LKI Most workshops can do that if they are certified. LAI = Replacement of Motor-- LKI is Alteration to seating capacity they can also issue the Blue plates   for this Modification
Mechanical shops that do Roadworthy certificates could be able to do certification
check it out it only cost about 85$ But they do have to have a Approved Persons file reference Number.. Worth lookin into

Mine cost 400$
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