hey im new

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hey im new

Post by Gabriel77 »

Gday, Im Gabriel.

I am wanting to convert my car to an electric and was wondering if you could recommend anything that would help me learn what to do. Be it a book, web site or a video, i am open to suggestion as i am so new to this but it is something i really want to do.

Thank you

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hey im new

Post by moemoke »

Hi Gabriel, seem as no one else has replied I thought I'd give it a go, mind you I'm know where near as cleaver as some of the guys on this forum. Back to you conversion.
I think you need to work out what range you need
Then what speed you need to do, around town or highway
And how much money you have available
And what car you want to convert.
Once you have these answers then you can start.
There are books available but most seem to be from the 80's or 90's so may not be to useful.
The internet is great for getting info and buying books, and parts.
There are quite a few forums and web sites

Joining the AEVA will also help and there is a branch in Adelaide.
I think a few of the guys on this forum have 'calculators' for working out what size motor, batteries etc that you will need for your car
so hopefully they will help with this for you.

Good luck
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hey im new

Post by Nick »

Moemikes advice is correct, once you have worked out what you want, and how much your budjet will streachyou need to contact transport SA to fill out a letter onf intent for vehicle modification, and it is a goo idea to talk to one of the local vehicle engineering consulting firms like tonkins. and of couse attend the neat SA AEVA meeting
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