Holden first green car fund recipent

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Holden first green car fund recipent

Post by tassie_tiger »

Amazing! Rudd states new 4 cylinder car "... is around 20 per cent more fuel efficient and produces 20 per cent less in carbon emissions than current larger vehicles."

No wonder he is PM.

http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/st ... 01,00.html

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Holden first green car fund recipent

Post by Thalass »

It is a bit half arsed, that. Isn't the Astra a 4-cylinder car? It's good that diesel, LPG and possibly hybrid versions would be available, but it's nothing revolutionary.

Hell, ZEVA is doing more than that and (AFAIK) Ian hasn't gotten squat from ruddy. I don't think Blade have government funding, either (don't quote me on that, though)
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Holden first green car fund recipent

Post by Striker »

ZEVA and Blade aren't exactly major manufacturers.

That said, the Holden response is nothing but a yawn-fest.

20%? Convert the thing to diesel, and you'll get that.

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Holden first green car fund recipent

Post by stab »

Its so depressing hearing this stuff.
Many who had voted in our current government expected much more than what is happening (not only with EV's but within the entire renewables sector).

Is it time to become citizen of another country?

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