Teslas not paying their fair share waaa waaa!

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Teslas not paying their fair share waaa waaa!

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Another article reminding governments they are at risk of falling behind on revenue.

http://www.afr.com/business/arcadis-say ... 202-gt2tbs

"Australia spends about $25 billion annually on roads – or more than $1400 a vehicle – with fuel taxes of about 40¢ a litre raising almost $11 billion annually.

The federal government estimates that a driver of a 12-year-old Holden Commodore pays about 4.5¢ a kilometre towards road costs through fuel taxes, and that a driver of a hybrid petrol-electric vehicle such as a Toyota Prius pays about 1.5¢."

Mind you, the cleaner air thanks to EVs will actually save a bunch of money in the long run too.
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Teslas not paying their fair share waaa waaa!

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Like any pollie thinks in the long term these days.... it's all about the $$ now to show the country can afford to increase pollie pension for the rest of their lives. Now, if all the $$ collected in the name of road tax actually went into building better roads would anyone mind paying the $$?

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