Estonia, ABB & KredEX

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Estonia, ABB & KredEX

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Estonia, ABB & KredEX

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Wow they are really serious.

Grant rates
Private persons and companies not-eligible for VAT deductions: 50% of the car price with VAT, maximum 18000EUR per car

Green Certificates

To ensure that the acquired cars use green energy the grants provided prescribe obligations to buy green certificates in accordance to the number of kilometres driven annually.

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Estonia, ABB & KredEX

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Interesting reading on ABB’s technology.... ... -terra-sc/

Have they released anything in OZ to date?

There is this article ... b25a2.aspx

but is any hardware actually here or announced yet??

I’ve been using ChargePoint here in Adelaide over the past couple of years and they seem excellent in all respects and seem to offer improved smartphone apps etc regularly but perhaps there is more competition on the way? All good for the cause!
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Estonia, ABB & KredEX

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Shame on ABB Image The Leaf has a GPS in the car why does the guy stop, get out and look at a map?
Perhaps there are no satellites over Estonia Image
Couldn't they come up with anything better than a towering box in butt ugly beige that looks like it should be on the factory floor?
Nice try with painting the bottom purple.
Bags not tickling it Image
So the short answer is NO but the long answer is YES.
Help prevent road rage - get outta my way!
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