Oz Electric Delorean

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Oz Electric Delorean

Post by woody »

Anyone know anything about this bad boy?
Warners Bay (Newcastle Area)
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Oz Electric Delorean

Post by Catavolt »

The company that built this car Sponsor my bike and Solar Power Australia and its just around the corner from my place.

The car will be on display at the Hunter EV Festival

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Oz Electric Delorean

Post by jonescg »

Running the same motor I will have in Voltron II next year (hopefully in time for racing).
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Oz Electric Delorean

Post by coulomb »

woody wrote: Anyone know anything about this bad boy?
Warners Bay (Newcastle Area)

No, but RIUM+, a Brisbane AEVA member, also owns one, according to this post:

Musthave EV accessory.

I don't know if it's arrived in Australia yet. It would be cool to spot it on Brisbane roads sometime.


[ Edit; Though I see the NSW one seems to be a local (as in Australian) conversion. ]

[ Edit 2: Oops! My bad... this is a possible future conversion; somehow I thought it was converted to electric in the USA. ]
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Oz Electric Delorean

Post by tassie_tiger »

Running (used) A123 battery packs that were dumped into China, more pictures on their FB page: http://www.facebook.com/DMCEV
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Oz Electric Delorean

Post by bga »

The facebook link is interesting. Note how nicely the delorean comes apart for working on.
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Oz Electric Delorean

Post by PlanB »

Pretty impressive, I wonder if I could get that EVO motor whine as a ring tone? I saw on another forum that those dumped A123 packs had their own BMS.

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