Zero Motorcycles - super fun high performance EV

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Zero Motorcycles - super fun high performance EV

Post by manlytom »

Hi all.
as I see posts about Leafs and Mievs and Volts I believe it is OK to start one on the Zero motorcycle.

how of you out there has got experience or is interested in them ?

On my part I am having loads of fun on my 2011 S streetfighter and it is blast. No sound, belt drive, range up to 70km, top speed 110+ and rechage in a couple of hours.
Commute, short trips, wont pick up my other bike at all for that anymore.


PS: or any motorcycles that getting now to range of 50+ k's, 100k's top speed fun.

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Zero Motorcycles - super fun high performance EV

Post by Carv'n Marv'n »

Got to ride the Zero and the Brammo on the same day whilst in the USA last year. Both were good, but if I was buying one on the day I would have bought the Brammo - was more comfortable and had better get up and go...

saying that, the Zero bike are still a hellova lotta fun.
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Zero Motorcycles - super fun high performance EV

Post by antiscab »

well done on being the first to turn a Zero S into a streetfighter :D

thats impressive, for most bikes you don't get to see streetfighters until they are 5ish years old

pics please?

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