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Gaza Guy Article

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Gaza Guy Article

Post by woody »

I talked to 2 people tonight about my new interest in EVs and they both mention a recent article about a Gaza Guy who converted his Peugot 205 to AC. (sorry it's not direct drive acmotor :-)

Google News to the rescue:

Forced to go green in Gaza - International Middle East Media Centre

Tankless task pays off: that's AC, not DC - The Age

Gaza 'genius' helps besieged city survive a year of Israel's blockade
- The Independant

Planned EV: '63 Cortina using AC and LiFePO4 Battery Pack

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Gaza Guy Article

Post by juk »

peugeot 205's would make an awesome conversion, the series 2 GTi only weighed 880kg, and they handle like they are on rails.

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Gaza Guy Article

Post by Benonymous »

+1 on the Pug 205! I love them! I only drove one once but it had a European suspension kit fitted (springs, shocks and rollbars) and the handling was utterly superb. I agree It'd make a superb conversion

WOO 880Kg!

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Gaza Guy Article

Post by Thalass »

Necessity is the mother of invention, they say. And if fuel is so short in Gaza then it's not entirely surprising that an EV is taking off there. It's probably the ideal location really - crazily expensive petrol, a small territory to drive around (so no arguments about highway speeds/range), and locals who will get behind the idea simply because it puts the finger up to the people who are penning them in. :P

Though it's obvious they don't have very good intertube access in Gaza, with his claims that it's the only car of it's type in the world. But good on him! I hope this car is a success.
I'll drive an electric vehicle one day.

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