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Mitsubishi's plan for the future.

Posted: Fri, 10 Dec 2010, 19:55
by Thalass
Mitsubishi's plan for the future!

Good on them, i say. It's exactly what we've been saying here for years. Why can't we have a choice of drivetrain for the same car?

Also: Don't read the comments unless you're prepared for an argument. The stupid is depressing.

Mitsubishi's plan for the future.

Posted: Sat, 11 Dec 2010, 23:54
by 7circle
I got depressed reading the comments too.

I did like the comment about getting 100% now.

If the demand for renewable is judged by the customer sign up to 100% renewable then the retailers who take your subscription to 100% green are then responsible for balancing the RECs that your account requires to the energy sources they buy from. The suppliers REC account doesn't need to be balacnced instantaneously or with in 12 months. They maay build up over 3 years then they will see the size of the requirement and invest in a suitable Carbon store at $/tone of CO2 and then can see if a cheaper Non-generating source can be expanded with investment.

But back to the article itself
Mitsubishi Australia’s vice president of corporate affairs, Paul Stevenson, says Australians will still be able to indulge their love of large cars and SUVs in the future - provided a source of clean electricity can be tapped.
That has been my thoughts all along and is why I thought a heavy Volvo P1800 would still be a good EV. If I can source zero carbon energy and preferable Neuclear wasste free then the car has very little operating impact on the envoironment.

Also why I think there is good reason for busses and trucks to be powered by Non-Fossil Fuel sources.

But I'm still worried there will be a massive population growth in the next 50 years. So assuming 30% decrease on 1990 C02 release levels will barely make a diference wen there are 50% more people using massive amounts of energy campared to 1990 Global per capaita.

Mitsubishi's plan for the future.

Posted: Fri, 17 Dec 2010, 00:08
by photomac
I have a vague recollection that the choice of "generator" was the GM Volt's original concept too.

Mitsubishi's plan for the future.

Posted: Sat, 27 Feb 2016, 06:33
by 7circle
What happened to iMIEV ...?

Why can't they be like Toyota in Japan and have lots of Hybrids.

Why can't we make electric EFIGYs ... Need pic of holders concepts neoclassic ... Or the hurricane ...

Why can't I convince my friends from uni that we need to make AWESOME EVs like we do with SS COMODORES AND Tickford or FPVs (Ford Performance Vehicles). ....

Or Toyota rally racing ...

Why is this website so backwards it is really forwards...

Why is Elon Musk a front Runner when every second car maker has tried to have an EV but the public can't afford it.

Why is a simple solution like retrofitting a superconductor beer can sized motor to replace the starter motor and also the Alternator and a superconductor module to replace the battery not a feasible solution when we will spend $$$$$$$$130billion dollars on military in Australia over the next 10 years.

Why does the USA need Donald trump as PRESIDENT ... ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Why don't we have more Solar more wind more geothermal more of alternatives than the CRUDE .. CRUDE. OIL WE SUCK UP FROM EVERY DEEP CREAVISE .. DOES SOME WINNER JUST LIKE STICKING THEIR FILTHY LONG ROD DEEP IN THE GROUND. ...





43 is too old to just accept the norm any more....

We need affordable solutions ... Meet the Jones's in melbourne is not enough detail or clear enough solution...

It needs to be marketed like a "No Brainer"

Like a $$$15000 solve all bandaid that will run the house too.
Why are batteries $0.70 per wHr oils the be $0.10 wHr

So a 15kWHr battery is only $1500.00

Wow ...

We can't wait till 2020.

The whole ev game is being crapped on


Image Image Image

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