Peter Garret on QANDA 1-3-10

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Peter Garret on QANDA 1-3-10

Post by TropicalEV » Tue, 23 Feb 2010, 05:00

Hi all,
       our esteemed environment minister Peter Garret will be on ABC's QANDA program 1-3-10. If you ever wanted to put him on the spot RE: legislation for EV's this is an excellent opportunity! We have a week to compose questions he cant wiggle out of, upload video questions (they seem to like them) or if you live in SYD? I think that's where it will be filmed...You could go and ask in person...I think there will be a fair bit of discussion over the insulation debacle and now the greenloans debacle....They may be looking for another subject...Good luck.. to ABC Q&A website

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Peter Garret on QANDA 1-3-10

Post by moemoke » Thu, 25 Feb 2010, 17:29

Could be a good show, if he is still the Minister then.
He seems to be in a bit of hot water lately
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