WA EV Challenge

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WA EV Challenge

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Yep - I was pretending to be "pit-crew"
So the short answer is NO but the long answer is YES.
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WA EV Challenge

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Luv the video! Gr8 "GoPro" pov camera.
Hey - what is really impressive is the number of contestants!!!

Technical - the advantage in the tilting pod - less energy loss in the cornering or simply better road holding?
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WA EV Challenge

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What was the distance of a lap around the course (or average speed for leaders if you prefer)?

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WA EV Challenge

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If you have a look at the ev challenge website (www.evchallenge.org.au) it has the timing sheets. In the first race which was SLA batteries only the top average speed was 33km/h. The second race had the top speed average stuffed up by a timing error - it says the fastest lap was an 18 second lap making the average speed 180km/h+! The real fastest lap was a 1.32 by the Class C and overall winners River Raiders - Rod's team.

Using the fastest lap in race 1 - a 1:42.43 or 102.43 seconds - and the posted fastest lap average speed of 33km/h i figured out the track is about 940m long, give or take. Using that figure the fastest real lap done in race 2, the 1:32 by the river raiders, works out to be about 36.6km/h average speed.

Not bad Rod!
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WA EV Challenge

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Clay hope you are well. Just wanted to see how you are progressing with CAMS since we spoke some time ago. Finally got some work done on the car so you can see it in members machines

Hope to hear from you soon.

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