Burnouts in an electric drag car

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Burnouts in an electric drag car

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All this talk about Burnouts makes me feel decidedly uneasy. Peerhaps it's the smell of the smoke and all those dead transistors. -- the other sort of burnout.

The problem is that the control system *has* to be closed loop to achieve good dynamic behavior, this can be analog or digital, but digital allows a lot more configurability and behavior options to be programmed without the circuit looking like a Moog synthesizer.

Even slow microprocessors are sufficiently fast for most motor control, provided that they have some hardware help for PWM (can be used for Analog) output, speed/direction sensing and control input.

I suspect that it'll mostly it'll be 'Win Race' or 'Road Warrior' (with Mad Max supercharger poking thru the bonnet) modes.
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