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Electrathon Australia

Posted: Mon, 10 Mar 2008, 00:59
by Clay
I know we have had a thread on this general discussion, but it's a racing category, we need a racing thread. have a look at this site if you'd like. A guy running an electrathon car at bonneville. Does about 100mph!

How good would that be in Australia? Let's make it happen

Electrathon Australia

Posted: Mon, 10 Mar 2008, 01:02
by Clay
Make that 89mph - I got a bit excited...

Electrathon Australia

Posted: Mon, 10 Mar 2008, 05:51
by acmotor
This is all good !

Can we make all compliances testable at scrutineering time ? e.g. rather than saying for rollbar "able to withstand dropping the vehicle upside down from a height if 1 foot (whatever a foot is) with the driver inside" (you are never actually going to do this Image ) can we say... the vehicle must be able to be lifted vertically by it's rollbar from a point near the driver's head with a mass of 200kg? placed in the driver's seat. This can be tested on site. Get my drift ??
Same test could apply to the seatbelt(mounts) i.e. an electrathon size vehicle should be able to be lifted by it's seatbelt.

Demonstrated safety will help pacify any critics of the sport.
... even if not exactly correct loading.

Electrathon Australia

Posted: Mon, 10 Mar 2008, 07:47
by Clay
I reckon that's a really good idea - except i'm yet to see a driver who weighs 200kg! Maybe 90kg, or else have the driver in the car and lift it by the belts etc.

The test would also be done away from racing. Get the cars logbooked and they can be properly scrutineered for compliance without the time constraints of a race day. proper race cars do that.

the feedback is great, the idea is a winner. let's keep the ideas flowing...

Electrathon Australia

Posted: Mon, 10 Mar 2008, 17:46
by stuartri
Thanks for starting the Thread Clay,

The purpose of this thread should be to define a set of acceptable rules that will allow the creation of a certified national competition for battery electric vehicles in Australia.

The rules/guidelines should then be submitted to the CAMS AEC for pre-approval. We will need their approval if we are ever to get decent cover. We have a good contact in Adam Willis who is tasked at looking into this. We should utilise Adam to bounce ideas off and hopefully help the AEC articulate their guidelines.

Looking around, there are a few events that have been well established so re-inventing the wheel does not make sense. We should just take the best out of all rules to form our new guidelines.

Electrathon USA (
UK GreenPower formula 24+ (
EvChallenge (

I believe that the intent of the national competition should be based on the following ideals

1. Innovation in design
2. Innovation in technology
3. Innovation in safety standards
4. Pushing the boundaries of performance

We have a great opportunity with the rules for this event to depart from some of the constraints of the above mentioned events and embrace newer technology provided it meets the specification guidelines.

I agree that a log book certification scheme for vehicles is required.
That way new technology can be assessed and if it meets specifications it is then approved eliminating the emotive mentality that improved performance resulted in a departure for the guidelines.

I will post some tentative guidelines for peer review on Thursday after a conference call has been held with Clay, Mark and Myself.

Thanks Stuart

Electrathon Australia

Posted: Tue, 04 Dec 2012, 01:14
by Canberra32
I would like to see a class similar to the shell eco marathon urban concept class :)
The cars always look like more fun