Future Netgain offerings

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Future Netgain offerings

Post by coulomb »

Some interesting developments here:

http://www.diyelectriccar.com/forums/sh ... hp?t=35627

Executive summary: There are some new 11" high voltage Netgain DC motors coming soon. Also, EV Components hints at a high power battery development coming soon (but no details as I write).

Edit: also a controller from Netgain.
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Future Netgain offerings

Post by Taffy »

The controller is interesting as it appears to be joinable.
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Future Netgain offerings

Post by EV2Go »

It looks like low performance EVs are soon going to be a thing of the past Image just need the promise of better batteries to come to fruition and we are in business Image
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Future Netgain offerings

Post by antiscab »

its good to see more competition on the controller front.
they will have to price their controllers significantly under the zilla to start with to break in properly, the zilla has a bit of a reputation.

motors that handle real voltages is also another good sign.
now we have a choice other than kostov

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Future Netgain offerings

Post by Thalass »

Now they just need to start developing AC motors and controllers! hahaha
I'll drive an electric vehicle one day.
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