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EV Rally

Posted: Sat, 26 Jan 2008, 06:15
by Thalass
Has anyone considered Rally for EVs? I know the WRC level of rally is much too rough for most conversions, but something at the state level, or better yet the clubman level, would be relatively easy.

The Lewana stage of the WARC clubman event is 147km long - 62km is competitive, with a few "refuel" service stops along the way. With some decent batteries, and a good design (swapping batteries instead of recharging the ones installed) I think it would be possible. The only tricky thing might be that you have to register your car in a engine size class measured in CCs. :P

OK, so it'll all be tricky - but I don't think it's much of a leap from a decent road conversion, to a decent clubman rally conversion. Expensive, sure, but ICEmobile teams don't do it without sponsors.

It's one of those dream things, I suppose. But man it'd be fun. And it'd prove that EVs aren't wussy!

EV Rally

Posted: Sat, 08 Mar 2008, 22:43
by zeva
Yeah I've definitely considered it, the big problem is battery capacity / range. Racing uses several times more energy per km than street driving, so you need a huge battery pack! (Or as you say, the facility to swap packs in/out easily.. and the packs to do it with)

One of the few EV I know of in the world competing on the race track (as opposed to the drag strip) is the electric imp, and they have a 35kWh battery pack - almost twice what I've got for my MX5! And they use AC drives with regen to help extend the range..

Nevertheless there are a few types of racing going on in WA which modestly-spec'd EVs could compete in:

- Drag racing obviously, down at the Motorplex

- Motorkhanas, such as Max Action at Belmont Raceway and the MC Sprint series at the AHG Centre

- Track nights up at Wanneroo

The motorkhanas are the best bet because (a) they're held in a central location, i.e not too far to drive to get to the event and (b) relatively low speeds involved, so it's more about vehicle handling and driver skill than raw power!

EV Rally

Posted: Mon, 21 Apr 2008, 21:04
by jpcw
A rally does not have to be high speed racing. Quite a few car clubs have rallies on the open road, the rules are fairly simple. You go from point A to C via B and you obey all the road rules in-between. With this type of rally the capacity does not because as big an issue because you are not going for massive speed, safety is also less of a concern because you are just doing normal driving with possibly a slightly higher acceleration. Navigation becomes one of the biggest issues.

This is also a good form of race to directly compete with an ICE on equal terms. You probably just need a few different classes based on range.

EV Rally

Posted: Sat, 17 May 2008, 19:46
by Thalass
That would be a good start, and the motorkhanas. But it would be infinitely awesome to have Collin McRae racing a modified WRX EV... :D

And that Electric Imp is what I'm basing my conversion on. Their motor layout, at least.

EV Rally

Posted: Sun, 18 May 2008, 00:10
by Mark T
It would take a miracle to get the late Colin McRae into any kind of rally car.Image
I've contacted the motorkhana and hillclimb associations here in NSW and they are very excited at the prospect of EVs competing. But it all comes back to CAMS giving it the go ahead.

EV Rally

Posted: Mon, 19 May 2008, 04:56
by roddilkes
One thing about EVs is they are EXPENSIVE.
Racing all comes down to money.
At this stage I am not prepared to sacrifice my $10k battery pack to inflate my ego.

Would it not be better to organise some field days/rallies where EVers cooperate rather than compete?
This way the public can also get a glimpse of the state of the industry.

EV Rally

Posted: Thu, 17 Jul 2008, 17:25
by Haakon
I have been pondering this too - if it can be built with the range needed, an EV would be verywell suited to rally i think.

Heaps of lowdown torque for quick exits (no stuffing about with ICE turbo boost control!!), the ability to a motor at each end and the array of things that clever software could too.

Think about it - hook it up with enough yaw and angle sensors and accelometers to tell the computer exactly what the car is doing, and you could program all sorts of traction control, anti yaw power deliveries, variable power being sent to each axle at different rates under different conditions etc etc. If you can keep the weight down to keep it cornering quickly, it could be unbeatable.

Over a fairly short distance of course

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