Green Theme Tesla P3+ wins Targawest 165 Class

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Green Theme Tesla P3+ wins Targawest 165 Class

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The 40kW [ charging] limit meant that the Tesla had to moderate its speed at certain occasions, particularly on the longer stages on the final days, to ensure it had enough juice in the battery. It had been running fourth overall after the first two days.
“We had to go slow on a couple of stages,” Popp said. “If we had a 120kW fast charger we could charge fast enough to challenge the really high performance cars. We would be a good chance at a podium.”

[ Edited Coulomb: added "[ charging ]" for context. ]
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Re: Green Theme Tesla P3+ wins Targawest 165 Class

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The steering on the cheapest Tesla gives the feel of a track car (RWD and the lightest version) it’s the most directly connected steering I’ve ever experienced in all my decades of rack and pinion. On the limit you definitely don’t want to sneeze……there is simply not enough compliance…….in comparison every ICE ‘competitor’ is an exercise in crude inefficiency.
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