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Adaptor Plate

Posted: Fri, 30 Sep 2011, 19:48
by peterb
hi Fokes, romagna is back on the road after a long rebuild of the adaptor plate and coupling. both of which did not meet the basic goals of good engineering, as mentioned before the alignment was 3 - 5 mm out of alignment at the plate 9the surface was left in the milled state) and the coupler did not support the end of the gearbox shaft.

Resoulved - alignment 1 - 3 thousands of inch
coupler - fully supports the input shaft at both ends

benifits - improved acceleration, less amp draw and increased range (even on the batteeries that sat idle for 13 weeks achieved 20kms !)

Very happy if you would like to know the compay that assisted me and provided a turn key solution - ( Ambassador Enginering at kenthurst sydney)02 9654 8958